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Italian Course (part-time)


When you learn Italian, you learn more than just a language that has some 60 million native speakers in Italy. You also learn the language of arts, fashion and music. If you speak some Italian, you'll find it a gateway to get to know the Italians and their joy for living well.

The good news is that you can now learn Italian in Singapore. Our Italian language course is there to help you get started speaking in Italian. You will work on improving the accuracy and fluency of your Italian as you progress in our syllabus from elementary level to advanced.
What will you learn?
During this Italian course, you will learn, practise, and gain confidence in using new Italian sentence structures, patterns and expressions. Here are a few short examples of what you will be able to do in Italian after completing the elementary course:
- Introducing yourself
- Asking for directions
- Describing your requirements, e.g. when shopping in Italy
What kind courses do you offer?
You can take our "Italian for general purposes course" in different formats:
- As a group course (part-time)
- In the form of individual tuition, both in part-time and full-time format

While the schedules for part-time group courses are fixed (see below for schedules), we can customise a schedule for you if you decide to sign up for full-time Italian tuition, with options ranging from one session per week to 7 hours of intensive Italian teaching daily.

What are the timetables like?

Lessons can be:

- once a week (1 lesson per week, 2 hours per lesson) E.g. Mon, 19.00-21.00

- twice a week (2 lessons per week, 2 hours per lesson) E.g. Tue/Thu, 19.00-21.00

- 3 times a week (3 lessons per week, 2 hours per lesson) E.g. Mon/Wed/Fri, 11.00-13.00

- every day (5 lessons per week, 2 hours per lesson) E.g. Mon-Fri, 14.00-16.00

Can I join this course?
Before you join your course, we will give you a placement test to determine your starting level of both written and spoken Italian. This will help us to advise you on your correct entry point into our syllabus.

If you are completely new to learning Italian, there will be no need to take this entry test.
How will I know my progress?
At regular intervals, we will conduct progress tests to ensure that you are on target to achieve your learning goals.
What can I do at the end of my Italian course?
At the end of your course, you may continue your studies and enrol for the next course level. This is provided that you pass your progress test and there is a minimum number of students who wish to continue learning Italian.
How do I enrol?
Below you will find our upcoming courses. If you wish to join one of the Italian courses listed or want to find out more about them, simply click on 
the ‘ENQUIRY’ button below and we’ll get in touch with you immediately.


Course name: Italian Course (part-time)
Includes: Tuition fee, Administrative fee, Exam fee, Course material, GST
Price: S$ 380.00
Locations: 51 Cuppage Road Singapore 229469

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Mike Craig

Do you have availble class soon?

on 15 Aug 2017



Excellent course. I learnt enough in the first module to hopefully be an independent traveller next month that I'm off to Italy. Can't wait to practice! Teacher deserves 5 stars for competence and patience!

on 10 Apr 2013

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Course Facts

Course Fee : S$380.00


Part Time
Tuition fee, Administrative fee, Exam fee, Course material, GST

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