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Ancient Greek for Beginners - Module 1


Do you wonder what Ancient Greek is about? Would you like to learn Greek in Singapore? While it's rare to find such courses in Singapore, search no further, you can learn it with us at Reading Attic.

This ancient Greek language course is designed to take you from being a complete beginner, to being able to read original ancient Greek texts on your own, with appropriate supporting material. The entire course is divided into 7 modules of 4 weeks each, with each module building upon the previous one. Thus, the entire ancient Greek course will take 28 weeks.

Why learn ancient Greek?

Learning ancient Greek will help you develop a solid grounding in English, not only in its grammar, but  also its vocabulary. In fact, much of the scientific vocabulary was coined by scientists learned in ancient Greek. If you are interested in philosophy, rhetoric, mythology, or the Western poetic tradition, learning ancient Greek is crucial in that it will enable you to appreciate the original texts and engage them directly.

What will you learn?

The term Ancient Greek includes a few distinctly different dialects of Greek spoken in the classical era, but we will be focusing on Attic Greek. Attic Greek is the language spoken by the Athenians, amongst whom Plato, Thucydides, and Demosthenes are particularly noteworthy. Because of their cultural achievements, later generations likewise emulated the language and style of the Athenians. After learning Attic Greek. it is easy to understand the other ancient Greek dialects, such as Epic (used by Homer), and Koine. Attic Greek is unfortunately of very limited utility with regards to modern Greek, so if your interests lie only in modern Greek, you will be better served taking classes in modern Greek. Again, learning ancient Greek will have great linguistic and cultural benefits to you.

Grammatical concepts useful in learning other languages, both modern and ancient, such as inflexions, and moods will be emphasised throughout the course. The reinforcement of grammar will thus benefit you tremendously when it comes to a confident command of the English language as well.

We will also cover Dictionary skills for ancient Greek, so that you can read independently beyond these modules. We will introduce the standard references in classics to equip you with the skills to continue your reading of ancient Greek literature independently.

Authors that will be introduced along the way include Herodotus, Plato, Homer, etc.

How to join

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Course name: Ancient Greek for Beginners - Module 1
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Zera Ong

Aside from learning Latin, I have also been taking Greek courses from Mr. Tai. Whilst I had initially found it difficult to believe that Greek was even more steeped in history and culture than Latin, I fully concur with Mr. Tai now, for I have found that Greek is an extremely rich and profound language (both in terms of grammar and context). Furthermore, being able to read excerpts of Plato's and Socrates' works has filled me with a deep sense of satisfaction, and exposing myself to these Polonian masterpieces has undeniably contributed to my character growth. Pedagogy-wise, Mr. Tai adopts a variety of effective teaching methods (e.g. anecdotes + excerpts) and structures his course in such a way that each new concept is built upon others that have been previously introduced. This, along with assigned homework after each session, facilitates the learning process and enables students like me to consolidate what I've learnt after each session. All in all, I have tremendously enjoyed all my lessons thus far, so much so that I am even considering taking up Greek poetry composition after I complete all seven courses!

on 02 Jun 2014

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