Latin Course for Beginners - Module 1 at Reading Attic

Latin Course for Beginners - Module 1


Have you been looking for a place to Learn Latin in Singapore? It can be frustrating, as Latin is not a widely studied or learned language in Singapore. But rest assured, there are people like you, who have a passion for the classics and a curiosity towards this language and its past.

This Latin course is designed to take you from being a complete beginner with no knowledge of the language at all, to being able to read original Latin texts on your own, with appropriate supporting material.

The entire course is divided into 7 modules of 4 weeks each, with each module building upon the previous one. Thus, the entire  Latin course will take 28 weeks.

Why learn Latin?

Learning Latin will help you develop a solid grounding in English, not only in its grammar, but  also its vocabulary. Furthermore, learning Latin will expose you to the history, culture and thought of the Roman Empire. This will give you insight into the subsequent development of Europe and its dominion of the world.

What will you learn?

During our course, you will learn the classical Latin of Caesar and Cicero, which served as the model for emulation of countless generations of learned men through the centuries. Classical Latin forms the basis of Mediaeval, and Ecclesiastical Latin, and a firm grasp of Classical Latin will enable you to understand the later forms of Latin.

Grammatical concepts useful in learning other languages, both modern and ancient, such as inflexions, and moods will be emphasised throughout the course. The reinforcement of grammar will thus benefit you tremendously when it comes to a confident command of the English language as well.

We will also cover Dictionary skills for Latin, so that you can read independently beyond these modules. We will introduce the standard references in classics to equip you with the skills to continue your reading of Latin literature independently.

Authors that will be introduced along the way include Caesar, Cicero, Virgil (Aeneid), etc.

How to join

For your information: we offer a very significant discount if you sign up with someone else.

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Course name: Latin Course for Beginners - Module 1
Includes: Tuition fee
Price: S$ 500.00
Locations: 175 Bencoolen Street Singapore 189649

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16 Course reviews

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Jasmine Ng

Hi, I'd like to know when your next intake will be for this course? Thanks!

on 02 Jan 2018


Jeyalatha Balasingam

Hello, Could you please provide me with dates of the next beginners module in 2018. Anything in nov or dec this year? Thank you. Jeya

on 10 Oct 2017


Annie Clayton

Hi, is Yu Hsiang still tutoring in both Latin and Greek? I would be very interested in pursuing this. Thank you.

on 06 Feb 2017


Ho Zhi Hui

I'm nearing the end of Latin for Beginners and I must say I've loved every minute of it! Despite having learnt multiple other languages before, I don't think I've ever had such a good grounding in the grammar and fundamentals of a language (in some ways I now feel I should've done this before working on languages such as German). I applaud Yu Hsiang for his thoroughness and his attention to detail, and I think one of the best things about learning languages with a teacher is that they teach you all the tricks that they themselves used: something which Yu Hsiang certainly does.

Overall, Yu Hsiang has been a fantastic teacher - knowledgeable and remarkably patient whenever I end up going "Uh, yeah, that sounds familiar, but I've forgotten..." (Not to mention the fact that when I'm busy working, I often don't do my homework - as a teacher myself I really should know better!) Learning with him has been absolutely wonderful, and it's also the perfect pace, interspersing the grammar content with excerpts from passages and insights into Roman history, literature and culture, which make learning the vocabulary much more organic.

I look forward to doing Ancient Greek once I'm done with Latin!

on 20 Oct 2014


Zera Ong

Having completed all seven modules of Mr. Tai's Latin class, I have had the opportunity to experience more-or-less the full range of Latin grammar and verb conjugations, a skill that brings me much satisfaction and joy, especially since I now have the benefit of being able to read Latin works in their original form. Furthermore, Latin has been extremely useful in my law studies as a law undergraduate, for I am able to comprehend untranslatable concepts with greater ease. Aside from the technicalities, Mr. Tai is an extremely knowledgeable tutor who enlivens his classes with extra-curricular snippets of information/anecdotes relating to ancient Rome. Indeed, I am glad that I decided to sign up for Latin classes, for the language-learning process at Reading Attic has not only sharpened my intellectual skills but has also bestowed upon me the ability to unlock a wealth of knowledge with my newfound language skills.

on 20 Oct 2014

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