Private French Course (Private Tuition) at French Toast Language Centre

Private French Course (Private Tuition)


Are you looking to join a French course in Singapore, but could not get started due to a busy schedule? Then this course will solve your difficulties.

Everything about this one-to-one French course is flexible:

Time and frequency can be arranged based on your schedule. We have provided an example start date below, but you can let us know your availability and we will organise your French lessons around that.

Location can be anywhere as long as it's in Singapore: our school, your home, your office, or whatever other location works out best for you to take our French lessons.

Content will be matched based on your needs. Do you need more focus on business topics, letter writing or spoken French? We will tailor the lesson so that it is most useful for you.

Please note that the listed fee of S$ 70.00 is our hourly rate. We offer discounts for advance payment. If you need flexibility but do not quite have the budget for private lessons, do contact us about our small group classes as well.

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Course name: Private French Course (Private Tuition)
Includes: Tuition fee, Administrative fee
Price: S$ 70.00
Locations: 220A Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574348

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Lim Hwee Min

Looking at private French classes on site. Is there any minimum number no of hours? Thanks

on 28 Aug 2017


Chan Chin Chin

Bonjour , I would like to find out if you do provide french lessons to prep my child ( Nicholas aged 15 ) for MOE O Level exam. We just returned from Paris & we was having French lesson at British School of Paris. He has some French lessons, he needs help to prepare for O level exam in 2018. We would like to start as soon as possible if there is a teacher available . I can be reached at 91172169 to discuss further. Merci. Kind regards, Chin

on 17 Jul 2017


Oliver Koh

Madam Sophia was a fun and interesting teacher and I have also learnt a lot of things that have helped me through my exams, She is the best teacher ever. Merci Madam Sophia

on 24 Mar 2016


Tiara Rodrigo

The lessons are very enjoyable and the interaction is very effective. I would rate Teacher Rami a 5 On a scale from 1 to 5 . His method of teaching was excellent and very effective.

on 24 Mar 2016



I’ve been having a wonderful time in my French lessons with my teacher Sophia! She is awesome! She is such a good teacher, so enthusiastic, so much fun, makes learning French a real joy and a breeze! Thank you for sending her my way! I think I’ve got one session left of my private lessons, and would love to buy another package if possible please? Could I buy another 10 hours? I’ll be traveling from 9 December - 1 January, so won’t be able to have lessons over that period. I’ll resume when I get home! Many thanks again!

on 27 Nov 2015

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Quick Facts

Course Facts

Course Fee : S$70.00


Tuition fee, Administrative fee

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