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John Burt

Write your commentI had the opportunity of a lifetime and got to study abroad in BLCU in Beijing China, through Go Abroad China I always knew I wanted to study abroad, but it was an overwhelming thought with all of the options of places to go, figuring out how to make it work with my university and all the little details in between. GAC helped make the entire process smooth and enjoyable. I had an advisor the whole way through who helped me make sure I was as ready as possible for my trip abroad. Once I was there, I had the most amazing 2 months of my life. At BLCU University Classes began soon after registration and the pace of learning was definitely not what I was used to before. Back at home, sentence structures and phrases that would take me at least a month to fully master, at BLCU University it was just a week’s task. Although in the beginning I felt a bit overwhelmed, after a while, though, things got much better and I adjusted comfortably. One thing I am still reeling about even now is the amount of homework that the Chinese teachers assigned! Now I understand why they say at least six months of serious Mandarin/ Chinese study will lead to accelerated results. The good thing about BLCU University is that they will place you in a class of people who have a similar Chinese ability to you. Learning was fun, interactive and it’s relatively simple to feel motivated if everyone around you is also determined I had different teachers for each aspect of Chinese study: listening, speaking, reading and comprehensive Chinese. I particularly enjoyed the speaking lessons as they were about group work and small oral presentations in a class of approximately 10 people. It was fun interacting with my classmates coming from different countries, yet all trying our best to communicate in Chinese. One important tip that was surprisingly effective for me was surrounding myself with friends whose English wasn’t so good, this was good in that we were forced to communicate in Chinese and practice everything we learnt.   I created life long friendships, got to see the most spectacular views and most of all I got to experience a different culture and truly appreciate what they had to offer. I highly encourage everyone to study abroad!

4 days, 2 hours ago


Elizabeth Warwick-Smith

I chose the Chinese Language program and got the chance to learn Chinese in the famous Peking University in China. My language program lasted a semester. The classes were really engaging and informative, I really got to learn more about the history of China and greatly improved my Chinese. China has some of the best breathtaking views and scenary, i enjoyed the weekend trips that were organised by GAC and made reaslly good friends in China. My overall experience was really satisfactory. I was able to improve my speaking and writing Chinese and got the chance to explore China. It was worth it.

on 07 Oct 2017



Hi, my name is Makea Luzader (鹿梦琦), and I'm from Maryland, USA. I spent the past two semesters in Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing, China, taking their Intensive Chinese classes, from which I have left with (hopefully) lifelong friends and connections as well as a better mastery of the Chinese language. During my time in Beijing, I stayed in my school's dorms for international students. I had classes every day from 8 to 3 with breaks between, and easy access to a wide variety of food in the cafeteria. Despite this full schedule, I had time to interact with other foreign students in my class and Chinese students through orchestra and other activities. I found my time in the dorm great - I had two different roommates whom I could interact with, and we often found ways to help each other. It was also close to my classes, minimizing transport time, and it was easy to get in and out of. The type of accommodation I would recommend depends on the person and what they are expecting from their experience - if one would like to focus mostly on China's culture and be guaranteed a chance to practice the language all the time, a homestay or an apartment shared with Chinese people would be the best.

on 22 Nov 2016

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