Where to learn French in Singapore?

haute couture

“Haute Couture” is French for “high fashion”

Where to learn French in Singapore? In this post, I have tried to put together the best French courses available, for adults and kids; part-time, full-time and even online.

There are many good reasons to learn French. It’s the language of fashion, arts and gastronomy, and a working language of organisations like the UN, WTO, FIFA, EU and many more.

There are some excellent courses available. Which one to pick? It depends on your objectives and situation.

Three French-only language schools in Singapore

Alliance Française logoI have witnessed many conversations where one person said they were thinking of learning French, and the other responded with: “Then you should sign up with the Alliance Française (AF)”.

A cultural institution supported by the French government and established in 135 countries worldwide, AF has been established in Singapore since 1949 and runs its own centre including a library, exhibition space and a theatre.

French Toast logoSounds excellent, doesn’t it? What is less known is that there are two other schools dedicated to teaching French in Singapore: French Toast (FT) at Upper Thomson and French studio (FS) at Katong.

Both are established only a few years ago, and while you could see that as a disadvantage, they are freer to innovate and since they are owned by private individuals, the principals have a lot of reason to try and do better every day. French toast for one has garnered over a hundred excellent reviews on Yago.

Agape logoAnother school to consider would be Agape at Novena. While this school offers several languages, their principal is French and an accomplished French teacher.

In terms of the teachers in each of the schools, it’s a really small world in Singapore and they tend to move between the above mentioned schools. So at either location you can be confident that you are taught by qualified people.

In fact, if you are looking for a beginner French class, there are more options: all larger language schools offer French courses. You can find them in our directory here.

Want to learn French full-time?

If you have the opportunity to make time for studying French full-time, I highly recommend it, especially when just starting out. French Toast, AF and French Studio all offer intensive French courses, which are either full-time or at least take place several times a week.

French wine

Will wine taste better when you speak French? Only one way to find out…

What is your level?

If you’re not a beginner, I strongly recommend that you pick one of the three specialised schools (AF, FT, FS). In more general language schools, the student population tends to thin quickly after the first beginner course.

Can you stick to a regular schedule?

If you join a French class, it’s important that you can be there almost all of the time.

If you miss a lesson and join in the next session, you will be behind. It’s very hard to catch up again after missing 1-2 lessons and this leads to frustration and eventually quitting the course.

You may not have a choice due to business travel, irregular work schedules or other obligations. If you can’t stick to a regular schedule, consider private French lessons or take an online French course for more flexibility. If you ever have to postpone a session, you can pick up where you were after you’re back.

French for children: in lieu of mother tongue

Under certain circumstances, the Ministry of Education allows French as an alternative to the mother tongue language. This goes for PRs and Singaporeans who have returned home from abroad.

The three specialised schools and Agape all offer specific classes to support your child in learning French in lieu of mother-tongue. It can be a bit of a thin market though, so when you contact them, do establish whether the mother-tongue replacement class is confirmed to start, and what the age range will be for the class.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.26.26 pmFor one-to-one tuition, French Faster can be an attractive option too. They allow your child to learn French online through Skype with teachers in Mauritius, probably the only place in the world where both English and French are spoken as a mother tongue.

Besides being very budget friendly (around S$ 20/hour), taking lessons online also saves a bunch in going back and forth to the school.


There are more options for learning French in Singapore than meets they eye. The schools that I particularly recommend you to consider are:

I hope this has given you a good idea of where to look! If you have any questions, please post a comment below and I will find you an answer!

About Guus Goorts

Guus has traveled widely and has lived in The Netherlands, Ghana, Belgium and Singapore. In descending order of fluency, he speaks Dutch, English, Mandarin, German and some rudiments of Spanish, French and Italian. Guus lives in Singapore with his wife and two young children. He settled in Singapore in early 2006 from his native country The Netherlands. After working in a job for corporate training, he founded Yago Languages, Singapore's guide to language learning.

  • Daisy


    Je suis en train de chercher une prof pour nous apprendre le français, comme nous sommes une famille avec 2 enfants, dont une fille ou une madame sera préférée.

    contacter moi par themeforme@hotmail.com si vous avec les bonnes prof à nous introduire.

    Merci d’avance,


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  • Nicolas Vanhove

    I am a 26 year-old French teacher in Singapore. I come from France.

    I have been teaching French, German, English and Maths for 6 years, in France, Canada, HK and in Singapore. I am now teaching private classes to over 40 students from all ages (3 to 60.)

    I am flexible for the hours. We can meet somewhere in a coffee shop or at your home. My rate is also flexible, depending on the number of hours you want to take and also on the location. Please contact me now so that I can offer you an estimate. Satisfaction is guaranteed!.

    I also offer competitive pricing for online classes using Skype and providing detailed notes (thanks to Google Documents.)

    Feel free to contact me by email at nicolas0vanhove@gmail.com

    References available upon request.

    Thank you,

    Nicolas, experienced teacher in Singapore.

    ==> http://nicolas0vanhove.wix.com/learnfrenchnow

    Education Background & Qualification :
    Bachelor in Business Administration, HEC
    Baccalauréat Scientifique, obtained in France

    Teaching Experience :
    I have a 6-year experience in teaching to students of all ages. I have been teaching French, German, English and Mathematics in France, Canada, HK and Singapore.

    Language Skill :
    French, mothertongue
    German, studied it for 12 years in France and in Germany, teaching it to beginners
    English, fluent – teaching it to beginners up to fluent