Kpop in Singapore: Performances, Festivals and Korean Culture

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls performing “Nobody” at the 2008 Bucheon World Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo opening ceremony. Photo by 복사골철이

The Kpop craze has invaded Singapore! Indeed, Singapore was not spared, as it has fallen in love with the tunes, the moves, and even the fashion that these Asian stars have been infecting the world with. Various well-known Korean artists have already visited the country and there’s still several more coming before the year ends.

The year opened with a variety of visits from Korea’s finest stars such as FT Island’s concert and autograph signing in January and Super Junior’s Concert Super Show 4 in February. Kim Hyun Joong of the Boys Over Flowers fame charmed his Singaporean fans in his Asian Fan Meeting in May while KARA and 4minute thrilled their fans in their autograph and mini fanmeet sessions last July.

If you want to experience Kpop in Singapore, the latter half of the year is lined up with the Wonder Girls, who popularized the song, “Nobody”, visiting this September as part of their Wonder Girls Wonder World Tour. Those who missed SHINee in the BOYZ NITE OUT Concert last June don’t need to worry though, as it seems that he’ll be back on December 8th for the SHINee World 2! Fans of the boy group Big Bang should also get their sign boards ready as they will be visiting Singapore on September 28th as part of their World Tour 2012.

Singaporeans have caught, not just their music, but their fashion and culture as well. As the concerts and fanmeets keep raining in, events and activities that celebrate such culture are also becoming more frequent. Locally, there are events that carry KPop inspired themes, such as the Teenage Kpop Dance Battle 2012, the BOYZNITEOUT KPOP Festival held last June, and the annual Korean Night Festival hosted by Daehan Korean Language Centre. Websites such as the (x)clusive, SGK-WAVE, and All Korean Things have been built to cater to K-Pop fans by providing event schedules and music and fashion goods.

K-pop has made Learning Korean very popular in Singapore in the recent years. More than just listening to their catchy tunes, K-pop fans want to be able to understand and speak the language itself. More than listening to a song, you’d also want to sing along, right? And if you know Korean, it makes you feel like you’re one step closer to your favorite K-pop star because you’re sharing their language (now you can write them fanmail that they’ll surely understand!)!

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  • Yiran

    One of our friend actually used this song on his wedding and it was well received by all the guests ranging from Ukraine to Canada. The power of Kpop!