English classes for adults. Where to find them in Singapore?

English teacher at blackboardThere are English classes in Singapore. But you will see that classes for children are most heavily promoted.

What if you are an adult, and want to improve your English? Where to go?

You can find all of the classes mentioned below in our directory. Just go to http://yago.sg/directory/english and select the options to filter.

But which class is good for you? In this article, I’ll cover the most common options:

  1. Full-time English classes
  2. Evening / weekend classes with subsidy
  3. Evening / weekend classes without subsidy

1. Full-time English classes

British flagThese are classes that run during normal work hours. For example:

  • 9am to 1pm or
  • from 2-6pm every weekday.

They are called full-time because if your class is in the morning, you will need to spend a few hours in the afternoon on homework assignments.

If you want to learn English fast, full time lessons are the best way. But before you join, there is a few things to think about:

  1. Schedule: If you have a day job, you won’t be able to join a full-time class.
  2. Classmates: Most of the students who take a full-time English class are 18-28 years old. Many of them come from different countries.
  3. Price: this kind of class is relatively expensive because of the many teaching hours. For one month of tuition, expect to pay between S$ 1200 – 2700.

English class with computers2. Subsidised English classes in evenings or weekends

What if you don’t have the time or the budget for full-time English classes? This second option needs less time and less money.

The government will pay 70-90% of the cost, and there will be 1-2 lessons per week after work hours or on Saturdays.

To get the subsidy, you need to

  1. Be Singapore Citizen or PR
  2. Take a proficiency test before and after the course.
  3. Attend at least 75% of the lessons

Do you meet the criteria? Find out when you can join a subsidized course with SSA Consulting Group or have a look at the website of Singapore’s Workforce Development Agency.

3. Evening weekend English classes without subsidy

If you don’t qualify for the subsidy, there are also unsubsidised evening / weekend classes. And dare I say it, their quality is often better. Why do I say that?

  • Subsidized classes are so cheap that students will flock to the schools. For the few institutes that are able to offer subsidised classes, the problem is not to find students, but to find teachers for the classes.
  • Non-subsidised English classes often have a smaller class size. That means more attention from the teacher and more opportunity to speak.

There are lots of evening courses and at all levels. It’s going to be more expensive than the subsidised courses, but the advantage is that you have more flexibility. You can attend these courses for a shorter time, and choose basically any school that is convenient for you.

Have a look at our directory to find plenty of English classes for adults.

About Guus Goorts

Guus has traveled widely and has lived in The Netherlands, Ghana, Belgium and Singapore. In descending order of fluency, he speaks Dutch, English, Mandarin, German and some rudiments of Spanish, French and Italian. Guus lives in Singapore with his wife and two young children. He settled in Singapore in early 2006 from his native country The Netherlands. After working in a job for corporate training, he founded Yago Languages, Singapore's guide to language learning.

  • Leo Keong

    Good evening sir , I am asking on behalf of my wife from China and her knowledge of English is very low . Would like to enroll her for a class and may I know if she is on long term pass is she allow to attend the classes here . Thank you . Hope to hear from you soon . You may call me at 9278 3951 for any further clarification


      Hi Leo are you still looking for a private English tutor for your wife?


    Hire a private English tutor with TUTOROO, at your preferred place and time. From SGD 40 per hour. Best price in Singapore! WhatsApp our team at +65 8421 6365 to be introduced to a native English tutor. All levels.