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Conversational Mandarin (Group/Private/Corporate)

Class / Part Time
Learn Mandarin in 24 hours. Yi Mandarin offers business and conversational Mandarin for adults and expats.   Yi Mandarin focus on practical aspects of the language – learning how to converse and communicate efficiently in Mandarin. This is structured and split into six sub-levels, meaningfully divided in terms of context and scope. At the end of each level, students will be able to communicate well in different social and work scenarios. Altogether, the Conversational Levels will cover 1,200 Chinese characters.  
School: Yi Mandarin
Class starting on 25 Oct 7 reviews

Conversational Chinese Course

Class / Part Time
Is Chinese a difficult language to learn? It definitely is. The intonations are hard to pronounce and the characters are difficult to recognise, and not forgetting, the characters that look different but sound the same or vice versa. However, let us think from another perspective. If Chinese has 4 intonations, Cantonese has 9; if Chinese characters are hard to decipher, Japanese is harder---Japanese and Chinese characters are present all at once. Hence, Chinese is never the hardest language to learn and you will definitely master it. The only concern could probably be "Is the learning process tough and dry". Not to worry, Elite Linguistic Network (ELN) believes in Learning Chinese the Fun Way. Chinese is more than just a language; it is also a medium to convey the rich Chinese culture. Through incorporating stories and relating the pronunciations to relevant images, we strive to inject fun into each lesson to break your stereotypical image of a Chinese class. So, take the initiative to give you and ELN a chance and sparks may fly between both of us. You can book your course here !function(c,b,a){function d(h){var e=document.getElementById("upto-calendar-container-"+c),f=document.createElement("SCRIPT"),g="";f.onreadystatechange=function(){if(f.readyState==="loaded"||f.readyState==="complete"){f.onreadystatechange=null;h()}};f.onload=function(){h()};f.setAttribute("src",g);e.parentNode.insertBefore(f,e)}d(function(){upto.init(c)})}("mIOO");
School: Elite Linguistic Network 94 reviews

Korean course - Basic Level

Class / Part Time
Learning Korean is easy: Hanguel, the Korean "alphabet", consists of only 21 vowels and 19 consonants, a total of 40 symbols to remember. How do we teach Korean at Lingo? Number of Lessons: 10 Lessons per module
 Duration of Basic Module Completion: 20 hours
 Mode of teaching: Interaction, Reading & Writing, Role Play Topics covered in the basic course: - Memorise Hanguel (Korean "alphabet") in a short time - Recognise words in Korean - Basic Korean grammar, such as the polite form for nouns and verbs - Basic Korean conversation, such as greeting, numbers, telling the time, counting money and more. - Learn through Korean songs and games Sign up now!  Seats are limited so book your seat now to avoid disappointment! Call Fern at 6664 8105
School: Lingo School of Knowledge 65 reviews

Basic Thai

Class / Part Time
Sawat dee khrap (Greetings). Learning Thai has never been easier and more fun - especially when you have Kru Christine as your teacher. With more than a decade of teaching Thai in Singapore, Kru is able to simplify your learning of this beautiful language. Commonly used vocabulary and basic grammar are taught and using a simple structure, students are able to construct sentences and converse in rudimentary Thai within a short period of time. This course is designed for students with very little or no knowledge in the Thai language. To register, please click on the Enquiry icon below. Khaawp khoon khrap (Thank you)  
School: The Language Academy 40 reviews

Beginner French Course

Beginner Class / Part Time
This French language course is for you if you want to learn French in Singapore and already understand basic French. In this class,  you make a start with bringing your level of French language up to DELF A2, the second in a total of 6 levels of French certification by the French government. Since this French course is taught in a group format, you have the advantage of group interaction. At the same time, we guarantee that your class will have no more than 14 students. Learning in small classes gives you the chance to participate during each lesson. After this elementary 1 class, you can join the next level: elementary 2. In total, there are 4 elementary level French classes, 75 hours in total. Upon completion, you will be able to sit for the DELF A2 exam, the second of the six levels defined by the European Frame for Foreign Languages. Note. The price mentioned here is for 1 level (20 hours in total) and includes the lesson and exercise books (Le Nouveau Taxi 2) which will be used for 4 levels in total. All in all, we offer French courses all the way from beginner 1 up to advanced. If you are unsure about your exact level, do get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you. To know more, please contact us by clicking enquiry below! Looking for a shorter course? Check out the "French Introduction course" which is also discounted.
School: French Toast Language Centre 25 reviews

WSQ Chinese Workplace Literacy - Foundation

Beginner Class / Part Time
KLC International Institute is one of the few insititutions accredited by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to offer Chinese Workplace Literacy-Business Chinese Programme to adult learners. The Foundation Course for students who has no or little mandarin learning. The objective to be able to speak basic conversation mandarin for social or at workplace. Depending on the Chinese level of your employees, we can offer this course at any level: foundation, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Course Highlights 1.Understand and identify Chinese Phonetics such as tones, syllables, initials, finals and etc. 2.Understand and ability to write Chinese Characters such as basic strokes, strokes order and common words. 3.Learn how to pronounce, read write and differentiate the articulation of characters and recognize up to 100 words. 4.Understand and ability to write the Chinese numeric. 5.Understand the basic Chinese culture such as greetings,festivals and etc. Participants from level 2 and above CWPL courses will be awarded an internationally recognised certificate from the Office of Chinese Language Coucil International (Hanban), co-badged with WSQ. Participants from Foundation and Level 1 CWPL courses will be awarded a WSQ Statement of Attainment. ----- Note: To qualify for the subsidy, participants need to: - Be a Singapore Citizen of Permanent Resident - Be 16 years or older - Attend at least 75% of all lessons Participants who do not satisfy the above criteria are welcome to join at prevailing unsubsidised rates. ----- To know more or get a quotation, simply click "enquiry" below and we will get in touch with you.  
School: KLC International Institute 12 reviews

Functional and Practical English

Beginner Class / Full Time
Welcome to GEOS! If you are looking for a full-time English course, look no further! This course covers all aspects of English language learning: (1) spoken English, (2) written English and (3) English grammar. During the course, you will do exercises that cover all of these aspects. Why learn English with GEOS? 1. All our English courses are taught by native teachers from the U.S.A, U.K., Australia and New Zealand; 2. Great location in the Orchard area. Have a look inside our school:View Larger Map How good is your English now? What your English level is at this moment doesn't matter. Whether you know very little or no English, or you are already at an intermediate level, we have a group class for you at just your English level. Accommodation Do you want to come to Singapore to study English? If you need a place to stay, let us know. We can help to arrange accommodation for you. Schedule When you join this course, you will get 3 hours of lessons, every morning (9:30am - 12:30pm) from Monday to Friday. Course fee: $270 per week (15 hours) before monthly promotion (Please contact us for the monthly promotion) How to join? Have a look at the start dates and contact us by clicking on "enquire now" below!
School: GEOS Language Centre

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Al-Markaz, The Arabic Language Centre 1 reviews
Looking for a suitable place to follow an Arabic course in Singapore? We have been active as an Arabic language school in Singapore since February 2005. The intention of starting Al-Markaz (Arabic for "The Centre") was to provide a place for everyone who is interested in the Arabic Language to learn the Arabic language and appreciate its beauty. Besides Arabic language courses to get you started, we also have a computer room with computers equipped with Rosetta Stone language learning software that you can use for exercise. We offer translation and interpretation services between Arabic and English. And periodically we also organise study trips to the Middle East, which will allow you to experience the Arabic language first-hand day-in-day out. We are based on the second level of a shophouse at Bussorah Street in the Arab Street area, which without a doubt is the best place in Singapore for an Arabic language centre. The closest MRT station is Bugis. It is the love for the Arabic language and the desire to share the beauty of Arab language and culture that keeps us going at Al-Markaz, and we sincerely welcome you to join us. For starters, have a look at our Arabic courses and do feel free to contact us if you have any question at all!  

Aoba Language Centre 2 reviews
As a Japanese language school in Singapore, we bring you a whole new way of learning Japanese. Operating since 2004, we are conveniently located at North Bridge Road. To make sure our classes bring you want you want to learn, we offer a wide variety of Japanese courses:   - Standard Japanese course - Junior Japanese courses for children - Pre-travel conversational Japanese - Business Japanese courses - In house training Our classes are small, ranging from 6 to 12 students, so as to make sure you really get to speak and master the Japanese language in the fastest way possible. All our educators are experienced, native Japanese speakers and are MOE certified. Do feel free to contact us by clicking the button at the right of this page, or browse our Japanese courses to find the course that fits you best! We look forward to being your Japanese school of choice!

Eejaz Arabic Learning 4 reviews
Knowing the Arabic language opens up the doors to a rich cultural heritage that stretches back thousands of years. Every time you write the numbers 1, 2, 3, you are using an Arab innovation. When you learn Arabic, you're not just learning a language. But it's not just the past! Arabic has a bright future, with global cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha forging ahead, and you'll never be lost for words if you travel within the huge Arabic speaking region, which stretches from Morocco in North Africa, all the way to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia! Does it seem scary to learn Arabic in a place like Singapore? While learning Arabic certainly has its fair share of challenges, we believe you can do it, with the right encouragement, interesting materials and great materials. We believe that learning Arabic will be fun. Join one of our group classes, or contact us by clicking the "enquiry" button below if you have any question!